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Aims & Objectives

  (a) To infuse into all Tamils residing in Singapore a spirit of unity, transcending caste, creed and religion.

  (b) To work to live in harmony with various communities in Singapore with an ultimate view to evolve one Singapore Nation.

  (c) To pool all its efforts to inculcate national solidarity among the people of Singapore.

  (d) To promote social and cultural activities like literature, music, drama and sports.

  (e) To organise and run technical and adult speech training, education classes, library and publish weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and daily.

  (f) To collect fund among the members of the Eyakkam in aid of any worthy social welfare cause in Singapore.

  (g) To inspire all Tamils in Singapore to owe undivided loyalty to Singapore, and to rally them round to strive for and participate in the progress of this country.

  (h) To support any organisation which stand for the general welfare of Singapore with the exception of political organisations and trade unions.

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